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Winter let Moraira

Winter let and the World Health Organization

The Costa Blanca has been named as the healthiest region of Europe by the World Health Organization. With over 300 sunshine days a year you can enjoy pleasant temperatures all year round. The average temperature is 18⁰C, this means that the temperatures are not extremely high in the summer, and it is relatively warm in winter. These temperatures are due to the microclimate that prevails there.


The microclimate in the Costa Blanca is caused by a mountain range in the immediate hinterland from Murcia to Denia. This acts as a sort of bowl. The tops are up at an altitude of 1000 - 1500 meters. This mountain range acts as a buffer both from within and from the sea.

Winter let and health

The Costa Blanca is a particularly pleasant area for people with respiratory problems, asthma, skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and allergies. People with arthritis or other muscle or joint pain feel much better in this microclimate. Spaniards are very healthy and have a long life expectancy. This is due to both the climate and the food. Mediterranean cuisine consists mainly of fish, olive oil, fruits and vegetables, this is why heart diseases are seldom in Spain. The traditional afternoon nap, named Siesta also contributes to a healthier life.

Winter let

There are some reasons to hibernate in Moraira. On the above factors we cannot have control. Yet a great villa that is fully equipped is also important to have a relaxed hibernation. Spaanse Zon has specialised in this the last years, this results in comfortable villa´s to spend your winter.


Due to the special microclimate, Moraira is also alive during the winter months. Most restaurants and bars, including some English, are open during the winter months both during the day and in the evening. Especially in the afternoon, the terraces in the cozy center of Moraira are well-stocked with locals and tourists who enjoy the sun’s rays.


We prefer not to think so, but medical problems are always ineffective. Know that Moraira has excellent medical settings that are open during the winter months. Moraira also has English doctors who are open during the winter months.


Due to many migratory movements and the merging of various populations, Spain has developed a population called the Mediterranean type. The Spaniards have a friendly, open and warm character. The more southern you are, the more warmly the Spaniards are. The more inland you draw, the more you will meet the real Spaniard. The Spanish population attaches great importance to social life and is always happy to help each other if you need help or advice. Family ties and traditions are very important, so in restaurants and at home it is a common habit to be with the whole family.