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History of Moraira

Teulada was founded in 1386 when the Christians recaptured the area from the Moors. It belonged to the Marquis of Ariza and the Duke of Gandia until it was transferred to the crown in the 19th century. The evangelical Dominican, San Vicente Ferrer in Teulada was a regular visitor early 15th century and became patronsaint. There were also many streets named after him.

Moraira is situated closest to the coast, Teulada is located more towards the interior. The villages are quite small, but are special because of its sights. Iglesia de Santa Caterina Fortalesa used to have two purposes: defense and religious. It is without doubt the most important building of the municipality. In 1562 the Italian architect J.B. Antonelli had the supervision over the fortification of the Church against constant attacks by Berber pirates. The construction of this magnificent building has taken between 35 and 40 years. Construction was completed by local inhabitants of Teulada, even in 1574 there were over 600 people participated in the project. The building consists of a traditional building and additions that have been constructed in the 18th century.



The base of the parish church dates from the 16th century. Castillo Moraira is the main building. This fort, located on the rocky mountains at l’Ampolla beach, was built in the 18th century. Also, this castle was built for defense against attacks by Berber pirates.