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Festivities 2018

5th of January
Parade of floats for Los Reyes. In Moraira and Teulada, their Majesties the Three Kings from the East bring joy to children.
20st & 21nd of January
Fiesta de Sant Antoni. Bonfires and pet’s blessing. Old Town from Teulada

3rd of February
The Festival of San Blas. In Teulada, the tasting of the “Dama” (a cake “Pan Quemado” in the shape of male and female silhouettes)

Carnival (variable) : Fancy dress parade, “enfarinada” (flour-game) and “enterro de la sardina” ( the “funeral of the sardine”). In Teulada and Moraira.
25 March – 2nd April
Holy Week in Moraira.
29 March
‘Jueves Santo´ in Moraira, a silent procession in Moraira at 23.00.
30 March
´Viernes Santo´ in Teulada. Procession 19.30 of holy burrial

Festivities in Moraira 2018

01 April
´Domingo de Pascua. A procession on Easter Sunday 8.30.
05 – 15 April
Local Fiestas of Teulada in honour of Saint Vicente Ferrer. Amongst the many functions, the most appreciated is the Monday Procession of San Vicente, when all “Teuladinos ” and many visitors participate enthusiastically . Spectacular fireworks, on the Monday and Tuesday, the floats on the Sunday as well as the bull running are much enjoyed.

09 – 17 June
Moors and Christians ( variable, 2nd or 3rd weekend ) in Moraira .
17 June
´Desfile de Gala´first holy communion of the children of Moraira with a parade and traditional dances and customs. (Teulada)
23 June
“Noche mágica de San Juan” Tradicional dancing round bonfires, waiting for the flames to die down for the traditional leaping over the embers…..(In Moraira, at the beach of l’Ampolla and in the Town Hall Square in Teulada). On this same magical night folklore dictates that it is the most propitious time to cleanse the body and spirit by bathing in the sea at midnight, and to reveal the zealously guarded secrets of traditional remedies.
Fiestas en la Font Santa, in the chapel of the same name, organised by the “quintos” of the year. Nighttime fiesta and bulls running

12 – 22 July
Patronales en Moraira
Local Fiestas of Moraira,  “Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados” & “Virgen del Carmen”. Nighttime fiestas, processions, culminating in the maritime procession, fireworks and “Els Bous a la Mar”.
23 & 29 July
Fiestas de Sant Jaume, fiestas of Benimarco. Nighttime fiesta, bulls running and fireworks.
27 – 02 August
“Els Sants de la Pedra”. In calle Calvo Sotelo supper in the street, church, nighttime fiesta and small bulls.


Festivities in Moraira 2018

09 – 12 August
“Fiesta y Mercado Medieval” Medieval feast with old-fashioned costumes and a market in which they show how products were made in the Middle Ages. Also, musical attractions, theater and games.
24 – 26 August
“Fiesta del Moscatell” special celebration in honor of the harvest of the Moscatel grape. Ofcourse you can also taste this because they are  extremely proud of the wines and dishes made with “their” grape.

15 & 16 September
“Fiesta de la Divina Pastora” traditional dances and music center in Teulada.

Festivities in Moraira 2018

5 till 7 October
“Oktoberfest” on the big parking lot of central Moraira.

2nd or 3rd weekend
“Festividad Santa Cecilia” the cultural and musical groups from Teulada honor their patron saint with an extensive program of concerts and performances.
23 – 25 November
“Fiesta de Santa Catalina ‘different cultural festivities in Teulada on Sunday with a parade.

“Campaña de promoción Comercio” a presentation of the middle of Moraira where they have the opportunity to present themselves to the visitors.
16 December
“Mercado de Navidad” Christmas in Teulada with different dishes and products for Christmas.

National holidays in Spain

01 januari (New Year’s Day) – Año Nuevo

06 januari (Three kings) – Epifanía del Señor (Día de Reyes)

19 maart (Holiday in Comunidad Valenciana) – Comunidad Valenciana

30 maart (Good Friday) – Viernes Santo

01 mei (Labour Day) – Fiesta del Trabajo

15 augustus (Ascension Day) – Festividad de la Asunción de la Virgen

12 oktober (National holiday of Spain) – Fiesta Nacional de España

01 november (all Saints Day) – Todos los Santos

06 december (Day of the Spanish Constitution) – Día de la Constitución Española

08 december (Immaculate Conception Mary) – Inmaculada Concepción

25 december (Christmas) – Natividad del Señor